Dragon Boat Data


What makes this Dragon Boating database unique.


Easy management of all your crews seating configurations. Save time balancing your boat all whilst Dragon Boat Data looks at balance fore and aft, left and right, paddlers weights, preferred paddle sides and coaches paddler ranking.

Training Register

Mark your members off at every training session, produce a report at any time showing your most dedicated members and those that may require some motivation to attend.

Time Trials

Assign members trial times and trial device to their profile for reference when assembling teams. A time trial history will develop allowing for quick reference of member performance.

Asset Register

Dragon Boat Data has an asset register functionality to record asset values, registration, serial numbers, photos and ongoing maintenance information.


Record Race times and results within the event and teams you create, great for comparing club performance and medal tally’s.

Events and Crews

Easily create new events for each regatta, assign teams and seating, print or send seating charts and crew lists instantly.

Document Storage

Load your most commonly used documents into the database for easy access to mail instantly to new or existing members.


Photo’s and Video’s all kept for your history. Look at regatta photo’s from last year, members time trial video footage, coaching critique, video races and member photo’s.


What do you get and how does it work?
An efficient and accurate solution for Dragon Boat Coaches

An easy to use, yet comprehensive database created for dragon boat coaches. Dragon Boat Data has been developed, trialled and tested in everyday club situations and regatta's over the past 3 years. It provides an efficient and accurate solution to the time consuming task of planning teams and managing crucial member and club information. Keep all your Paddler information, Paddler, Team and Club history all in the one place for easy viewing and reporting.

  • Paddler Performance

    Compare paddlers training efforts, attendance, photo and video footage and time trial history and comparisons.

  • Safety

    Safety at your fingertips with up to date member medical and next of kin information at every training session and event.

  • Keep your Members Happy

    Easy view of how many teams your paddlers are competing in, to ensure all available members are getting their fair share of paddling.

  • Safe and Secure

    Safe and Secure database, stored locally on your iOS device.

Whats it look like

Take a look at just some of your features
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Seating Configurator

Balancing made simple
Plan teams with all the tools instantly on hand. Favoured paddle side, age category, body weight, availability, sex and paddler ranking all at your fingertips.
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Event Teams

Event Teams
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Club Stats

Club Statistics Reports
Do know how you got your members? How many first Aiders your club has? How many Senior A Men or Senior B Women? How many Left Side Only Paddlers? Who has brought the most new Paddlers to your club? Who has the best time trial result? Who has the best training attendance? Just to name a few! Well – Now you do, and it’s instant.
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Time Trials

Time Trials history.
Assign members trial times and trial device to their profile for reference when assembling your teams. A time trial history will develop allowing for a quick reference of member performance.
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Asset Register Information
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Seating Charts

Easy Seating Charts
Easy instant Print or email Seating Charts for your Regatta – Don’t let your paddlers forget where they are sitting!


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